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Development and growth can only be realizable in an environment which is secure and safe. It is apparent that the rate of criminal activities is increasing in the society today. Incidences of armed robbery, kidnapping, abduction, assassination, car theft, trafficking, bombings, etc are recorded daily.

The state law enforcement agencies obviously cannot tackle the myriad of criminal activities alone. Fighting crime rate requires the collective effort of all. Therefore, security and safety is a collective responsibility. Knight Security Services is committed to partnering with responsible citizenry and the state by exploring all necessary technologies but keeping to standard operational ethics in bringing about the much desired decorum that will permit the much needed development and growth in the country and for the people.

To be proactive, professional, efficient and responsive at all times in the provision of corporate industrial security services. To become a leading key player in the industrial security sector in Nigeria by remaining committed to professionalism, excellent and responsive services to all its clients while ensuring a well developed workforce exposed to modern techniques and learning opportunities.

Knight Security Services maintains a policy of ensuring excellent guard’s selection, training to instill professionalism discharged courteously, adequate kitting to ensure corporate image furtherance, effective management, supervision and reporting to the satisfaction of its clients and employees.

Knight Security Services is poised to:
Checkmate all forms of criminal acts such as pilfering, stealing, robbery, burglary, negligence, connivance, acts of negligence, omission, etc.
Put in place an efficient access control system for materials and persons which will address incidences of unaccounted and unwanted visitors, missing items, ensure order and record.
To discourage as much as possible connivance to perpetrate any act of pilfering, stealing and robbery of any kind.
To prevent incidence of fire either by accident or arson.
To assess periodically security procedures with a view to making recommendations to appropriate persons/ officer whenever any threat is identified for appropriate control measures
Responding timely to any security threat identified in the clients premises by taking and putting in place control and mitigating measures.

Physically and mentally fit
Pass the written and oral selection process
Be of a minimum height 5’8 for a male and 5’6 for a female
Be within 25 – 45 years
Must not have been convicted for a crime or have any criminal record.
Must not have a knock-knee or hearing defect.
Have minimum of 5 credits at secondary school level or its equivalent
Applicants with military background training are considered as well but must still undergo entry exams
Present two guarantors/ referees who can attest to applicant’s conduct
Will undergo entry training for a month and is expected to pass the prescribed examination before being deployed to beats.
Our training and retraining curriculum and requirements for recruitment are aimed at equipping the operative both mentally and physically ready for the security duties ahead.

In summary, a Knight Security operative/ guard shall carryout the following duties:
Seek the client’s consent before allowing visitors access into the premises. Control of access of visitors will be carried out with utmost courtesy, respect and professionalism.
Ensures that no client’s property is taken out of the premises except with a gate pass/ authorizing note endorsed by an authorized signatory
Ensures that only authorized cars are parked in the car park
Ensures enforcement of all other security rules and regulations in force as may be directed by the management or any other official of the company that may be so empowered to issue order and keep record of all such directives.
Records all activities of security importance into the Duty Attendance Register
Report and record all observations in the premises to management of Knight Security Services and to the client

Knight Security Operatives/ guards are monitored by series of unscheduled patrols carried out regularly by the Operations Supervisor and periodically by the Operations Coordinators, Branch Manager and other Senior Managers of Knight Security Services on a 24 hours basis.

Also in our continued quest and determination to serve our clients better and to sustain improvement in the quality of our services, we periodically send questionnaires to our clients to appraise and monitor performance of our services.

We equally forward to our clients regular reports of our observations and recommendations to close gaps indentified in the premises to avoid security lapses while on our part continue to put in place measures to ensure that the gaps do not degenerate into security lapse pending final correction.

Meanwhile, Knight Security Services policy on monitoring, control and assessment is built on the framework that these must be a continuous process of reviewing the status of procedures, practices and situation from time to time to at all times check for any gap that could become security threat to life and property.

Knight Security Services pays much attention in the selection, screening, training and retraining of operatives/ guards and doubles this up with an effective verification exercise of their guarantors and a background check on both guards and guarantor with the assistance of the Nigerian Police all in the effort to providing our numerous clients with efficient and effective security services that meets industry standard and even surpassing it.

Kitting items issued out to the guards on deployment include:
Two (pairs) of uniforms with badges
One belt
One Peak Cap with Logo
A pair of boot
Chain and Whistle
One neck muffler
One Corporate ‘T’ Baton

It is part of our responsibility to provide our operatives with all necessary office accessories (stationeries) such as Notebooks, Biro, Batteries and Torchlight’s etc.
The above-mentioned items are issued monthly and as necessary by us to ensure effective and optimum performance delivery of duty by the operatives/ guards.

Our operational facilities are excellent. Some of these are:
Patrol vans
Patrol Motorcycles
Bullion vans for clients requiring cash movement services
High beam torchlight for patrols by the guards
Trained guard dog and experienced dog handlers for clients requiring dog services.
A Two-Way hand held Walkie Talkie radio communication system with which we can cope with timely response to emergency situations such as distress call and outbreak of fire
A cordial relationship and contact numbers of fire stations, road safety and the various police formations across the country
A base of trained guards on emergency response tactics.

It is our practice to take total and full control of clients’ properties. It is our practice to liaise regularly with the client’s Chief Security Officer or other schedule staff in charge of security matters in our day to day execution of our security duties to our esteemed clients.

The client’s Security Officer (CSO) who will be on the payroll of the client is expected to represent the interest of your organization and can as well monitor our services for the overall end of the security and safety of the client’s premises. It is expected that the client’s efforts and ours is for the furtherance of the overall wellbeing of the security and safety in the premises.

Our guards are entitled to one day off in a week. There is always a provision for relieve guards based on proper arrangement between the company and our clients.
The essence of having a relieve guard is to cover up the duty of a guard that would be observing his off day so that the required and approved number of operatives would be maintained at any point in time.

Knight Security Services recommends a weekly joint review meeting with scheduled representative of the client where this is acceptable to the clients, to discuss and review problems/ concerns identified in the course of our services with a view to finding solutions to them.

In addition, we encourage the formation of a Joint Security Committee made up of 2 representatives each from us and the client. This committee should meet once every month and is charged with providing solutions to problems identified on both sides.
However, the schedule of meetings can be agreed upon by both parties.

In addition to the above, all our operatives are recalled for retraining quarterly on a scheduled basis to our training school for outlined refresher courses in order to further avail them with requisite training which will enable tackle the challenges of their duties. In all, the refresher course which is another form of re-training is for enhanced better job performance by the operatives/ guards and a platform for addressing concerns emanating from the guards towards quality service delivery by us. It is a forum for worker meet the management day.

The response assurances of Knight Security Services are that they will be swift, within standard time and fast.
Knight Security Services has in its distress response team/ plan the following:
Patrol cars fitted with VHF mobile communication gadgets
Well trained drivers
Well tutored staff
Well trained guards
Walkie-Talkies hand held sets and GSM handsets deployed to beats with the guards/ operatives to enhance the monitoring and supervision of the guards and their activities and for uninterrupted relay of information any time of the day.
A cordial relationship with and list of emergency contact numbers of law enforcement agencies with which relationships are established within the areas of operations such as the police, army, SSS and other intelligentsia
A dedicated number of armed plain cloth law enforcement agents among our team of patrol staff
Contacts with other agencies such as hospitals, FRSC, NSCDC and VIO
Well trained guard dogs and handlers
A portal of our client’s key staff
A portal of contact phones numbers and addresses of dedicated Knight Security Services staff equipped additionally with radio hand held Walkie Talkie sets

With the array of the above arrangements, Knight Security Services is prepared to handle any emergency situation such as theft, house breaking and discovery of unauthorized persons, intruders wanting to gain access into the premises, breach of security, among other incidents.

To aid the success of our operations, Knight Security services usually designs a rich network with which it draws information about activities of the locality it is operating in. Our sources and styles are utmost confidential but we are assure you that we integrate with the community and draw from it and this has defined why ours has been a success story so far.

An outstanding achievement by any guard/ operative is always rewarded to serve as encouragement to others, motivation for greater performance by the recipient and appreciation from the Knight Security Services for the services of the recipient.

The rewards could be through any or a combination of the following:
Issuance of Merit Certificate/Commendation Letter
Cash Award
Promotion etc

A strict but open procedure is designed by Knight Security Services to ensure erring employees are disciplined. The Human Capital Management Department is primarily responsible for discipline, but line supervisors/heads of departments could also initiate disciplinary actions but with the erring staff having the opportunity to defend self against the charge.

Disciplinary actions in place include:
Verbal warning
Written warning
Termination and


Two shifts of twelve hours i.e. morning and night shifts.

At least one week notice to allow for adequate mobilization though Knight Security Services has reserved capability to mobilize at shorter notice.

The client is expected to keep taking over processes confidential and the taking over is swiftly and promptly executed from the scheduled representative of the client present or from the outgoing security representative but with the client’s representative witnessing.

All reports will be channeled through the office of the chief executive of the client or as directed otherwise and is expected will be escalated down to appropriate scheduled office for appropriate action. The classes of reports and recommendations Knight Security Services forwards to its clients based on a constant assessment and review of the security arrangement with a view to uplifting the quality of services include the following:.

Monthly written reports to clients.
Incident reports in the event of an incident which will outline the particular incident, possible causative factors and corrective actions as recommendations.
Situation reports
Observations reports
Committee reports
Quarterly reports
Annual security review reports


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