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We offer the following security services:

Security Guard

Special investigation
Such as background checks of persons, surveillance, personal/ executive protection, training of security staff of organizations, crime investigation, etc

Security Consultancy
Such as assisting organizations to establish and efficiently run their own security and safety units/departments, carryout security surveys to identify security and safety gaps and recommend control measures, carryout risk assessment and analysis of findings which will become guide to decision base for the client in planning, budgeting efforts and towards control measures.

Security dog services
Training of guard dogs of clients, supply of trained guard dogs and dog handler services to clients

Security equipments
Training on handling and needs. Our team have expertise on equipments such close circuit television devices (CCTV), IP security systems, fire extinguishing equipment ,smoke detectors, intruder panic alarm devices, lethal metal detectors and scanner machines, public address systems, guard tour devices, recording devices in forms of eye glasses, wrist watches, pens, belt, underbelly car metal scanner devices, door viewers, etc.

Special Services
Escort and Convoy movement, security situational travel advisory, access control manning and management, protocol services and crowd control during events.

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